An Enutrof, currently level 200. Bontarian alignment. Married to -Marksman- for purpose. He is an alt of -Marksman-. For more information visit his page, please.


Listed below are all Cra Class Spell used by -Marksman-.

Class SpellsEdit

Living Bag Level 6
Shovel Throwing Level 1
Coins Throwing Level 6
Ghostly Shovel Level 6
Fortune Level 6
Pandora's Box Level 1
Mound Level 1
Reducing Key Level 6
Prime of Life Level 1
Unsummoning Level 1
Greed Level 5
Shovel Kiss Level 6
Clumsiness Level 6
Mass Clumsiness Level 1
Acceleration Level 6
Shovel of Judgement Level 6
Slaughtering Shovel Level 6
Bribery Level 1
Living Shovel Level 1
Living Chest Level 5
Summoning of Enutrof Dopple Level 0

Special SpellsEdit

Soul Capture Level 1
Pull Out Level 1

Elemental SpellsEdit

Moon Hammer Level 1
Cawwot Level 0
Release Level 1
Lightning Strike Level 0
Leek Pie Level 1

Summoning SpellsEdit

Summoning of Arachnee Level 0
Summoning of Chaferfu Level 1

Weapon SkillsEdit

Shovel Skill Level 1
Axe Skill Level 6

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