A Cra. Level 200. Bontarian alignment. Married to -Gold-Digger- for purpose.

This page also includes information about alternative accounts. In detail there are the following alternative accounts, often used at the same time when no one is online or for accomplishing bigger achievements.

Following alt accounts are known by now:


Listed below are all Cra Class Spell used by -Marksman-.

Class SpellsEdit

Magic Arrow Level 6
Poisoned Arrow Level 1
Retreat Arrow Level 6
Frozen Arrow Level 6
Burning Arrow Level 1
Distant Shooting Level 6
Atonement Arrow Level 1
Bat's Eye Level 6
Critical Shooting Level 6
Paralyzing Arrow Level 1
Punitive Arrow Level 1
Powerful Shooting Level 6
Plaguing Arrow Level 6
Lashing Arrow Level 6
Tormenting Arrow Level 1
Destructive Arrow Level 1
Absoptive Arrow Level 6
Slow Down Arrow Level 1
Explosive Arrow Level 6
Bow Skill Level 1
Summoning of Cra Dopple Level 6

Special SpellsEdit

Soul Capture Level 1
Dispersing Arrow Level 6

Elemental SpellsEdit

Moon Hammer Level 1
Cawwot Level 1
Release Level 1
Lightning Strike Level 1
Leek Pie Level 6

Summoning SpellsEdit

Summoning of Arachnee Level 1
Summoning of Chaferfu Level 1

Weapon SkillsEdit

Bow Skill

Level 1

Wand Skill

Level 1

Dagger Skill


Hunter Level 100
Butcher Level 100
Alchemist Level 100


  • Complete Sleet Set
  • Eculture Cape
  • Awmigawd Band
  • Celestial Bearbarian Boots
  • Mallow Marsh Daggers
  • Little Bow Sleep (Hunter Weapon)


Using a Dragoturkey, no special pets equipped yet.

Current ProjectsEdit

  1. Bringing all Minifouxes to full wisdom bonus

Completed ProjectsEdit

  1. Bringing Bworky to full pods bonus
  2. Leveling to 200

Important QuestsEdit

There are many quests to do for -MM-. But the most interesting are those listed below.A hysterical judge

  • A Hysterical Judge
Step 3 of 7: missing Minotoror sou
  • An Eternal Harvest
Step 17
  • Lavomatic
  • Year of the Dragon

Now there are some more detailed information about certain quests. Any help is appreciated.


Defeat 1 Obsidemon

An Eternal HarvestEdit

Currently working on step 17:

You have the list of creatures... Now, just go and find them!