Sacrier's Blood, named after a movie character (Kill Bill) started to play Dofus whit another Sacrier named Beatrix-Kiddo inspired by the same movie, Pai is an upgrade of Beatrix.

Bontarian Hero from the Order of the Salvatory Spirit whit the hability to resurrect people.


  • Farmer (100)
  • Baker (100)
  • Alchemist (65)


Level 6 Spells:

  • Dagger Skill
  • Moon Hammer
  • Nimble Punishment
  • Summoning of Chaferfu
  • Transposition
  • Wise Punishment

Current ProjectsEdit



Characteristic Scrolls:

  • Agility (Great)
  • Chance (Small)
  • Strenght (Medium)
  • Intelligence (Small)
  • Wisdom (Small)


  • Crimsom Dofus
  • Turquoise Dofus

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