Profession Prime Alternates
Alchemist Andromache Fiction 6x, Brevelan 2x
Farmer Ariane Ginerva, Sinisher, Brevelan 3x
Lumberjack Ariane Chrya 6x, Terryl 3x
Baker Ariane Ginerva, Brevelan 5x
Miner Atreus
Jeweller Chrya Andromache 6x, Seuss 6x
Tailor Lysistrata
Shoemaker Lysistrata 9x/100 Sinisher 6x
Handyman Ginerva Shandris 4x
Staff carver Athene Terryl 3x
Wand carver Athene
Bow carver Athene
Axe smith Shandris
Dagger smith Chrya
Hammer smith Lysistrata
Sword smith Andromache
Shield smith Xan-Grey 1x
Shovel smith Atreus 7x/100
Fisherman Seuss 100 Krisayah 3x
Fishmonger Seuss Krisayah 1x
Hunter Keres 7x
Butcher Keres 7x

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