New membersEdit

Requirements for invitation:

  • Main characters only
  • Capable of mature behaviour and coherent discourse
  • Spend at least a dungeon run (or equivalent time) with a current guild member (Protector or higher in rank)

Once invited, a new member is On Trial for one week. While on trial, the guild leadership can choose to decline membership to the new member. After one week, the leadership will determine whether to extend the trial period or promote the member to Guard. A new member must donate 5000 xp to the guild before being promoted.


Automatic rights at the Guard level are:

  • Use of the paddocks
  • Use of collectors

Guards can be promoted to Protector at level 120 if they are highly active members of the guild.

If a Guard behaves in a manner unsuitable for a Knight of Amakna (e.g. spamming the guild channel, overaggressive conduct towards members or other players), s/he will be warned and may be demoted back to On Trial. The guild leadership will determine when the member has demonstrated that they are worthy of restoration to Guard status.


Automatic rights at the Protector level are:

  • Invitation of new members
  • Management of XP

Protectors may acquire additional rights at the discretion of the guild leadership.

Protectors may be demoted to Guard for unsuitable behaviour. Restoration to the rank of Protector will be determined by guild leadership based on the member's subsequent behaviour.

Guild LeadershipEdit

The guild leadership consists of:


Guild members are entitled to a reasonable number of alt characters. These will be assigned the rank of Scout unless they serve a particular special purpose. If the guild membership expands, Scouts may be removed to make room.