Yes...I'm horny :-P

x-TheSummoner-x is a true summoner. I usually overwhelm opponents and distract them with my creatures...I prefer to not attack directly. Because of my play style, my most important characteristics when looking at equipment is +AP, +summons, +vitality/hp, +range and +MP. I am currently pure intelligence, as I will use PoC as needed.

Current projects/goals:

Getting to level 113.

Decide on an alternative character to help me. Currently I have an Eniripsa named Mialt and a Sadida named Other-Summoner. There are a few other classes which may fit my play style well, and I may end up going a different route.

Level the pets/mounts I have. I currently have two crows, two fire bwaks, a water bwak, an earth bwak, two bow meows, a smush, a treechster and a little black bow wow. I also have a plum and emerald mount currently at lvl 43.

Current item in development:

Minotoror Ring and Necklace.

Eternal Harvest:

Yeah...more details later.